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Our Proprietary Technology Informs Prospective Buyers

We founded OpenHouseDay in August 2015 to help California home buyers find the most accurate open house information during their dream home search.

Our proprietary technology pulls current data from one of the largest multiple listing service providers: CRMLS. It refreshes every fifteen (15) minutes to provide the most up-to-date open house listings for prospective homebuyers.

We also help property owners wanting to sell by granting them access to list their available property's open houses hereā€”and help them at any point in the process along the way.

We help buyers find homes to see.

OpenHouseDay offers a few features to make the complicated home buying process as easy and efficient as possible, including a day planner to organize your weekend visit of your selected homes and instant notification about agent changes on selected homes in your planner. And, of course, buyers can contact us if they are not working exclusively with an agent and need help.

We help sellers get in front of prospective buyers.

Our platform also helps sellers list their home and advertise to potential buyers by granting access to schedule as many open houses as they want.

Our Vision

Simplicity, efficiency, and transparency are the core values and fundamentals upon which we built OpenHouseDay.

Our Mission

We help buyers and sellers purchase or present their homes to the real estate market.We provide prospective home buyers the most accurate real estate data available efficiently and help homeowners sell their property themselves.

So, how can we help you buy or sell your dream home?

We are here to help and available to answer any questions our members may have. Contact us and we'll get back to you at our earliest opportunity.