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Want to Appeal to Millennial Home Buyers? Here’s How With These Open House Ideas

The Millennial Home Buying Power

Have you been hearing a lot about the millennial generation lately? If so, there is good reason. The millennial generation is bigger than the Baby Boomer generation and a full three times larger than Generation X, according to Aimia, a provider of consumer loyalty programs. With numbers upwards of 77 million members, the Millennial generation currently makes up roughly twenty five percent of the United States population. And with $1.3 trillion in collective annual buying power, Millennials are in a great place to consider purchasing a home.

If you are in the market to sell your home, the Millennials represent an entire generation that you simply can’t ignore. But when it comes to marketing your home to millennials, with their specific list of wants and desires, where do you begin? Want to appeal to Millennial home buyers? Here’s how with these open house ideas.

Focus on Your Common Spaces or Living Spaces

Millennials prefer their living spaces to be streamlined. Start with the entryway in your home, as this is the perfect place to make a great first impression (and you know what they say about first impressions). Some new construction homes offer outlets just inside the front door, with built in shelving or cabinets that can be used as a central hub or docking station for electronic devices. In an existing home, you can mimic this idea by taking advantage of any outlets near by your front door. Set up a console table near the entryway and stage the area with a phone or tablet that is, to help potential Millennial home buyers see the appeal of a central command station or hub in the home.

Next, Turn Your Attention to the Common Areas Throughout Your Home

It is no secret that Millennials place a high priority on socializing with their friends and family, and this extends into their home lives, as well. Knowing that these home buyers prioritize socializing, make sure that your kitchen and living areas are as inviting as possible. Consider a bar or table at higher than average height, otherwise known as bar height. As an example, the higher bar area helps potential home buyers envision their guests having a place to place their drinks while talking or socializing during a cocktail party. Similarly, during your open house, consider setting up a station with beverages or snacks to help potential buyers envision throwing their own soirees in the home.

Look at Seating Arrangements

In the spirit of socializing with friends and family or throwing parties, take a look at the arrangement of your seating areas. Position your seating and create groups to help make it easy for open house visitors and potential home buyers to envision their loved ones gathering around and talking together. It is important to avoid clutter in the seating arrangements, however. Not only will this tip help potential home buyers see how conducive your home is to hosting parties or gatherings, it will also encourage potential home buyers to linger a little longer during your open house.

Play Up Your Outdoor Space

Obviously, this generation isn’t solely focused on cocktail parties and socializing. Representing an entire generation of people ages 20 to 35, it is easy to imagine that a large number of Millennials have already started their families, many with plans to continue to grow and expand with children. These families are looking for safe places for their children to play nearby, whether it be in their own backyard or a nearby park. If your house comes with a yard, make sure your yard is clear of clutter and appears family friendly. If your home does not have a yard, as is the case with a condo or townhome, consider leaving out fliers at your open house, with pictures of local nearby parks and green spaces, complete with easy to follow driving or walking directions.

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