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Tips to take perfect photographs before selling a home

A few years ago, who would have thought that photography would become an integral part of the Real Estate Industry? But now, as the dynamics of the housing sector have completely changed (thanks to technology), independent sellers and real estate agents are required to brush up their photography skills.

Nowadays, anyone, despite their geographical location, can get a good feel for how a potential home is, with the help of photographs available online. With virtual reality experiences and 3D views, photography almost seems elementary. However, despite the easy access to visual information online, many sellers still feel like pictures may hurt the image of their home. 

But there is always a scope to derive benefit from pictures. In fact, many buyers won’t bother visiting or considering a home without seeing its pictures online. From fixer-uppers to luxurious mansions, every home can benefit from the following photography tips.

Use bright light

Bright photographs of homes are simply more attractive. A house full of light translates to a happy home for most people. To get brighter photographs, consider the size of the space you are shooting, and the availability of natural light first. For closets and small rooms that don’t have much natural light, one flash is ideal. While capturing big areas with no natural light, a good option is to use two or more lights. Professional photographers also advise using tripods if you are using natural light for larger spaces. If you are shooting exteriors, dusk is the best time to get the ideal lighting.

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Emphasize on the best feature

Every room has a feature that makes the prospects curious about the home. And that is your goal- to get prospects interested in your property so they can come and take a look in person or even better- put in an offer! These features can be carving on the walls, spaciousness, attractive kitchen cabinets, or even the natural light. You just need to highlight these features while taking photographs of the room. You may need to invest more time figuring out these features before hand, but it is definitely worth it.

Photos of the neighborhood

You might not realize, but photographs of an established neighborhood can be a plus point when it comes to listing your house. A good RC (remote controlled helicopter) can help you capture aerial views of the neighborhood. If you find it a bit expensive or a hassled process, there is always an option of hiring a professional photographer.


Stage interiors appropriately

We all know the importance of staging while showing a home to a prospective buyer or during open houses. But a smart seller invests in staging much before a home is being shown physically. By removing the clutter and placing the furniture correctly, you will get best results (both in terms of photographs and number of prospects). Make sure there are no people, pets, or distracting materials in the room while photographing it.


Use a wide-angle lens

Everyone wants his/her new home to be spacious. To make your home look spacious, use a wide-angle camera lens. The prospects will be attracted to the detail and depth offered by it.



Good cameras are so much easier to come across these days. Most smart phones can capture almost professional grade photos. It’s important to utilize tools that are easily available around you. If you don’t have a professional camera or an updated smart phone, call a friend or family member who does! Taking advantage of both the technology and the tips mentioned above can only bring positive results. What are you waiting for?

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