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The Perfect Fit

Shopping for a house is like shopping for clothes for a special occasion. The process can be long, but if you do it right, it can also be exciting, and dare we say… FUN?! Especially if you’re using OpenHouseDay!


Shopping for clothing for a special occasion goes something like this: You receive a grand invitation to the wedding of your best and childhood friend. You are beyond excited and the first thing that comes to your mind is " I have to buy a dress!"


And so the shopping journey begins…


You go online, chose a store you want to shop at, search their special event section for that special dress, and select a few that have the details you are looking for. However, given the high price point, you don’t want to just order a dress without properly trying it on. So you decide to visit the store, and try on the ones you saw on the website. If you’re lucky, you’ll find the ones you're looking for at the actual store. Some may have been sold out already. Once you have a pile of dresses in your hand, you start trying them on, one after another. Once you find the dress that fits you like a glove, it still might need some alteration. After all, the dress had to fit both your needs AND your budget. The next step is to look for a cashier to complete the transaction. 


Home buying is very similar. It's also easier than ever to find the right one with OpenHouseDay. 


As a buyer, the reasons to buy a home are a plenty, but let's pick one. Hypothetically, you are a young adult with a great job, and you’re a hard worker with big goals for the near future.  On a Tuesday morning you get the job promotion you've been waiting for. You get excited about the extra income you will have, and if you are like the many millennials, you say "why should I spend my hard earning money on paying high rent and get zero return. I am better off investing my hard earned money in a house!"


So your house search journey begins. You go on, you select the area you want to buy a house in, register (it's free), search through the list of open houses for the coming weekend, select the houses that match your criteria, and add them to your day planner. On Friday night, you receive a friendly e-mail reminder. The email doesn’t just have a list of the homes you want to visit, but also has an efficient route to follow based on the open house hours. Of course, you have the option to create your own route by selecting which house you want to see first and which you want to see last.  


You spend all day Saturday, “trying on” these homes you found on OpenHouseDay. Given the stress-free routs that OpenHouseDay provides you, perhaps you spend several weekends strolling through even more homes… until you find the perfect one. Perfect for your needs, and just about perfect for your budget.


Once you find the house that fits your criteria, just like a dress, it may need alterations. Perhaps a paint job, different color cabinets, or brand new floors is what you need to make it absolutely perfect. You take these alterations into consideration for your budget and then you contact your agent to seal the deal.  If you are not working with an agent then contact us at and we will put you in touch with one of diverse and experienced agents. We are here to help!