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Stay Ahead of the Southern California Housing Market This Spring with OpenHouseDay!

OpenHouseDay Helps You Stay Ahead of the SoCal Housing Market

It is no secret that Southern California’s home buyers will face fierce competition and tight inventory this spring. California’s housing market is predicted to improve in 2016, but this improvement is faced with an extremely tight housing inventory and continued high price points, which will limit or hinder the improvement, to an extent. Additionally, other changes are expected to impact the Southern California housing market, including a projected increase in the median home price of just over 3 percent, the slowest rate of price appreciation in several years, and a forecasted growth projection of the United State gross domestic product of nearly 3 percent for the year.

With a housing market as diverse as California’s, some cities and areas will obviously feel the effects of these various changes more so than others. Particularly in high demand areas, such as Southern California, where inventory is tight, the sales growth is likely to be limited by stiff competition in the market and a diminishing housing affordability.

As a potential home buyer in the Southern California housing market, what will all of this mean for you? Well, the answer is simple: consistently packed open houses, bidding wars, and rising home prices. This is pretty much what potential home buyers in Southern California have to look forward to this spring. Competition will be fierce -- and all signs point to the environment being even more fierce than the notoriously hot Southern California market.

Even the most skeptical real estate agents have admitted to seeing this craziness for themselves. One real estate agent even mentioned that her clients are having to submit an average of five offers on a property before they are successful in having their offer accepted. Furthermore, there has been increased demand from both first time home buyers and home buyers who are looking to upgrade or expand to a bigger home. And with fewer homes coming on to the market, potential home buyers are literally flooding all of the open houses available to them in Southern California.

What Can You Do?

So, as a potential home buyer in the area, what can you do? The answer is simple. Stay ahead of the Southern California housing market this spring with

Here are some tips to stay ahead of the Southern California housing market:

  1. Have a wide and broad perspective and real data to draw from. As is often the case in a high demand market, demand will often exceed supply. When this happens, one of the best tools in your arsenal is easy and open access to information on open houses, which is your best opportunity to see houses as they come on the market. And where can you find this information? By searching through our database of open houses in the Southern California market. Our database allows you to search open houses in your desired location only, saving you time and energy in your search.
  2. Expand your knowledge. Know the market in the area and what is available. Having more information is never a bad thing. Allow OpenHouseDay to become a resource for you, and use it to gain real-time access into the open houses that are currently available as they come on to the market. This allows you to stay ahead of the curve and find out about properties as they are listed -- giving you a leg up against other buyers.
  3. Study up on local housing prices. One of the first things you should study are home prices, or comparables, of the area. This will give you a fairly solid idea of the price points at which houses are being listed, and where they are selling. This knowledge and information will be helpful to you in many steps throughout the home buying process.

About OpenHouseDay

At, our users are among the first to learn about open houses in Southern California. We allow our users to search our extensive database of open houses in their most desired neighborhoods or territories. Our system is easy and efficient, eliminating the wasting of time and energy that can be so common throughout the home buying process.

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