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Should You Bring Your Kids to an Open House?

Your family’s house isn’t quite a home without the kids, but that doesn’t mean that little ones need to attend every open house along with you. If you’re on the fence about whether your children should accompany you, consider these factors.

Think About Your Kids’ Preferences

For some kids, the idea of having to stay quiet and calm while mom and dad walk around a stranger’s house is the opposite of fun. Others might actually enjoy getting to explore a new space and won’t mind having to keep their behavior in check. Age has a lot to do with this. A toddler probably isn’t going to be very thrilled about being bundled into the car and taken from place to place, but a teenager might appreciate being included in the decision making process and getting to explore what may be his or her future home. 

It’s not just a matter of determining whether your kid will enjoy him or herself at the open house. Think about whether you will actually be able to look at the property and talk to the listing agent without being interrupted by your child. If you do decide to bring your little ones, pack some extra activities for the drive, and don’t forget some healthy snacks and water just in case they start to get a bit cranky.

What to Do When You Want to Visit Without the Kids

When you’ve decided to look at open houses without the youngest family members in tow, you’ll want to line up some sort of childcare so you can look at homes in peace. Remember that open house visits can be pretty short even when you really like the property, so consider a variety of solutions, including:

  • Planning a playdate with a friend or neighbor
  • Hiring a babysitter or ask a family member to provide childcare while you’re gone
  • House hunting while the kids are in school, at soccer practice or otherwise occupied

If your children are old enough to have an opinion on where they’re going to live, consider taking some pictures of houses you really like and asking for input. Remember to sell the property to them and frame the images you show in an exciting way. Saying something along the lines of, “This room is big enough for a bunk bed!” will help kids feel excited to move into a new place, and they won’t be too surprised by the new house if you end up closing and moving in.’s planning and mapping features make it easy to design the most efficient route possible for your big day of property visits. Whether your children are attending with you or you’ve left them in someone else’s care, you’ll love how quick and painless it is to plan your visits and finish as quickly as possible. You can even use our map feature to find open houses near music lessons and playdate locations so you can quickly pop over to an open house while the little ones are busy.