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Open House Tips for Listing Agents During the Holiday Season

Most industries experience something of a slowdown during the holiday season, but listing agents are usually expected to do their jobs just as effectively in December as they do in July or October. Keep your clients happy and your business thriving by thinking ahead, planning smart and accounting for the holidays in your approach to selling during the Christmas season.

Advocate for the Benefits of Multi-Viewing Days During a Busy Season

Having to vacate the house at the drop of a hat is never a fun part of selling one’s house, but it can be especially inconvenient during the holiday season, while kids are out of school and family members are visiting. A pre-scheduled open house makes things much easier for the family—they’ll know when to clear out and can have confidence that multiple buyers will likely stop by.

Give Holiday-Specific Advice on Staging and Decor 

The holidays are all about tradition, and that can be something of an issue for home decor. Listed properties don’t have to be completely holiday-neutral, but it is a good idea for families that ordinarily go all out to tone it down a bit for the sake of the buyers. Indoor and outdoor decor should be tasteful, minimal and designed to show off the house without making it hard for buyers to see the bones of the place. Too much distracting decor can definitely be a turnoff. 

Consider Your Own Schedule

You have the right to enjoy the season, and that includes taking time to fulfill family commitments or shop for gifts without feeling distracted. Remember that you will do your job better when you’re fully engaged with the task at hand rather than feeling stressed and scatterbrained because of all the things you have to do. Avoid scheduling open houses on days when you have a lot of personal-life holiday tasks to take care of so you can be at your professional best.

Ensure Clear Expectations on Both Sides

Both you and your client should have a general understanding of each other’s holiday schedules, including any times when either party may be out of town or difficult to reach. If you happen to get an offer in on Christmas Eve, you’ll want to know whether your client will be around to discuss it. If you’re going to be completely off duty at any point during the season, let your client know whether any of your colleagues will be covering for you in your absence.

Let the Client Decide What They’re Comfortable With

Ultimately, it’s important to let your clients have final say in any of these matters, though you can help guide their decision making with well-reasoned arguments that will lead to a sale. If your client is adamant that their massive hallway-blocking Christmas tree stay in place in spite of the open house, you can explain why that decision may be less-than-ideal from a strategic point of view without forcing the issue and making your client feel uncomfortable.