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Make Your Open House Better with These Tips!

Holding an open house when you have put your home on the market just makes good real estate sense. This type of an event can be a valuable part of your marketing and promotional strategy and is one of the most efficient ways to attract a large number of both potential buyers and Realtors to your property. Not only once you advertise an open house will the people come - but they will come on a day that you are prepared to have people viewing your home. So get your property in Open House shape with these five tips.

#1: Maximize your Curb Appeal

A successful open house starts the second a potential buyer pulls into a parking spot. The exterior of the home and yard matters just as much as the interior and this is the time when indelible first impressions are made. So take some time to make sure that the first outdoor impression is a great one and invites potential buyers and real estate agents into your home. 

Give the landscaping a once over so that it is neat and attractive and clean up the walkways and driveway. Make sure that you have no cars in the driveway and that there is available parking for visitors. Consider adding some color in the way of garden pots to make the walkway to the door more interesting. Update peeling exterior paint and possibly give the front door an exciting new color for a pop of visual appeal. Invest in a few new items like a new mailbox, house numbers or kick plate to tie together the space. When potential buyers arrive, they will want to be excited about what's inside because the outside is so inviting.

#2: Set the Space 

Start with a thorough cleaning of your home even if it means hiring a professional team to scrub, clean the carpets and wash the windows. You may want to repaint walls to a fresh, neutral color to brighten the spaces and create more of a blank canvas for potential buyers. If you are living in the house, get rid of clutter and personal items. This may mean packing away mementos, photos, books, small furniture items and toys before you even list the house for sale. 

If the property is vacant, consider hiring a home staging company to bring in furniture and accessories. On the day of the open house add some little touches like fresh flowers in the living or fluffy towels in the bathrooms to welcome visitors.

#3: Hospitality for Both Agents and the Public 

Promote your open house fully! Consider an event that is open to the public but also one that is exclusive to real estate agents, brokers and mortgage agents. Advertise your event through and real estate publications to attract as many potential buyers and agents as possible. Make sure that you have adequate promotional materials on hand and on the day of the Open House bring them inside your property instead of through information boxes outdoors. This brings people through the door instead of just stopping and picking up flyers. 

#4: Time it Right

There is real strategy involved in the timing of your open house. First, keep the amount of time that the event will be held to no more than two hours. This gives the impression that there are more people interested in the property and there will be greater traffic within a shorter period of time, creating that important sense of urgency regarding making a purchase decision. 

Also, consider holding an open house on a weeknight instead of a weekend. Not only would this accommodate the busy lives of potential buyers, but it can also emphasize the ease of commuting to your neighborhood.

#5: Have Some Fun

Most of all, make your open house an event that people will enjoy and remember instead of a tedious home inspection task. Searching for a new home can be overwhelming and stressful and you can create an open house that will be memorable for not just the property but also the atmosphere that you create. Invite neighbors, provide refreshments and turn your open house into a social event. It will be even more valuable for prospective buyers with the information that will be provided about the neighborhood and the people who live nearby.

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