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Learn Why OpenHouseDay is Ideal for For Sale By Owner Properties

Savvy homeowners in hot real estate markets often feel competent to do their own marketing and promotion, navigating each step of their sale without the assistance of a realtor. For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties often do sell, but many homeowners find themselves wishing they’d just gone with a realtor. With OpenHouseDay, you can gain access to many of the same tools realtors use to generate success in any market without actually working with a realtor.

Setting Your Home Apart

Online listing tools make it easy for just about anyone to market an available property and reach an audience of thousands. But actually making a property stand out isn’t easy, and it can take lots of practice to refine the right approach and understand what works. FSBO sellers don’t have this luxury; it’s not your job to figure out how best to market properties, after all. But that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck.

With OpenHouseDay, you can create a straightforward listing with photos and details, but the feature that really kicks your listing into overdrive is our open house scheduler. You’ll get to set as many open houses as you want on days that work for you, and buyers who are planning to house hunt that day will see your listing at the top of their search results if your property matches their defined criteria. Properties with an open house show up in the search before those that don’t have an open house on that specific date, and that’s a major boost that you don’t have to work for. All you have to do is schedule the event on your OpenHouseDay property listing and the system does the rest.

Managing Your Open House

The open house event itself can be one of the most important factors in attracting offers from qualified buyers, but managing this kind of event can be nerve wracking for a first-time FSBO seller. makes that part easy as well. You don’t need to have professional-level organizational skills to prepare for an uncertain outcome. Our program lets you know when prospective buyers add your house to their open house touring plan and gives you an auto-generated email list of all the guests who’ve added you to their lists the day before your open house is scheduled. While others may still arrive, particularly if you’ve advertised elsewhere, this guest list can at least give you a ballpark figure of how many people you can expect.

This will make it easier for you to have a sufficient supply of flyers and other information you might want to hand out to prospective buyers as they tour your home. The flyer or property information sheet you provide should include relevant information, including the number of bedrooms, baths, listing price, school info and other important details. While buyers can find this information on your Open House Day listing as well, it’s always nice to provide an extra reminder of how great your place is.

Even if you’re a first-time FSBO seller, will make it easy to schedule and prepare for your big open house. It’s quick and easy, so why wait to get started? Sign up today and sell your house independently.


Image credit: Blake Wheeler/Unsplash