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How to Turn House Hunting Into a Fun Family Activity During the Holiday Season

The kids are out of school and you’ve got a long list of holiday priorities to check off, but that doesn’t mean you have to put your house hunt on hold. Make open house visits fun with these simple tricks.

Emphasize Holiday Merriment

It’s always fun to see houses all lit up for the season, so if possible, try to visit open houses close to sundown so you can get the chance to drive back through and see all the houses with their Christmas decor ablaze. If you’re making a quick first run through, you can even go for an evening trip through open houses and go back to the ones you really liked during the day to get a better look at the exterior.

The car trip itself can get a dose of festive fun if you crank up the Christmas songs and give everyone a fun hat to wear. Sing carols with your family and take the time to enjoy each other’s company. You’ll be surprised by how fun and easy open house tours can be!

Sneak in Some Fun

With OpenHouseDay, you can map out a plan to visit different open houses in a specific neighborhood, and with just a bit of smart maneuvering, you can optimize your route for holiday fun. For example, if you’re planning on going to a mall to take pictures with Santa, you can make a quick stop to an open house in the area first, go take your pictures and then visit another open house on the way home. That will give the kids something to look forward to and satisfy their need for holiday fun so you can cross two properties off your to-see list.

Anything along these lines will work, whether it’s a reindeer petting zoo, a cut-your-own Christmas tree farm or another seasonal attraction. If you’re planning a longer day, consider bookending the outing with some holiday fun, perhaps with a special dinner at the family’s favorite restaurant at the end of the day.

Reward Your Efforts

Don’t forget to include some delicious holiday treats to enjoy while you’re driving around between houses. Christmas cookies or hot chocolate are great options, as are healthier treats like seasonal citrus or cinnamon-flavored nut mixes. Red and green veggies, like bell peppers, tomatoes, celery and cucumber can also be a fun addition to your holiday snack mix, especially if you use seasonal cookie cutters to punch them into interesting shapes. You can even give your kids a small piece of seasonal candy as a reward for behaving themselves after each house. These little touches will sweeten the deal and give everyone a little boost throughout the day.

To keep things super simple, don’t forget to use to map out your route and confirm important details relating to time and location. If the adults in the group are relaxed and having a good time, that’ll make it easier for the kids to make the most of the situation as well.