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How to Show Off Your Smart House

Even if you are not familiar with smart houses, it is almost certain that you are unfamiliar with some of the inconveniences that they can help solve. Have you ever left the house, only to almost immediately wonder if there is something that you forgot at home? Did you remember to adjust the thermostat? Turn off the lights in the family room? What about the coffeemaker? Did you remember to set the security alarm on your way out the door?

Well, a smart home can help you deal with all of those nagging little voices in your head and provide you with peace of mind. When you have added smart home capabilities to your house, you can quickly answer all of these questions by simply taking a glance at your smartphone or tablet. And, what’s better, if there is anything that you have forgotten to take care of, you can make the fix on the fly remotely from your device.

As you could imagine, smart house capabilities and features can be a tremendous asset when you are trying to sell your home. These features can set your home apart from other listings currently on the market, and buyers will enjoy imagining how all of the gadgets and technology in your home will help make their lives so much easier. But do you know how to market your smart house to potential home buyers?

Show Off Your Smart Home

As homes continue to get smarter and more technologically advanced, it is crucial that sellers learn how to best show -- and sell -- their smart houses. Here’s how to show off your smart house at your next open house.

Learn the Technology in your Home, Backward and Forward

This may seem intuitive, but knowing the technology in your home inside and out is an important first step in showing off your smart house in your open house. Think about it: as the homeowner, if you don’t know how to operate something, how will your potential buyers envision themselves knowing how to utilize the technology, either?

Take a careful inventory of each feature of your smart house and learn how each feature is controlled. Which features are controlled by applications -- the lights, security system, thermostat, locks? Once you have this down, practice and practice again. When showing your home, you want to make utilizing these technologies appear to be second nature.

Love the Technology in your Home

As the homeowner, it is likely that you already understand the benefits of your smart house, but if you don’t completely understand it, you should work to figure out its benefits. Once you get used to using the technology every day, make a list of what you love about it.

Do you love being able to check in on the security of your home from hundreds of miles away? Do you especially appreciate the savings on your energy bill by being able to remotely lower the blinds in your home from your office on an especially hot and sunny summer day? What about being able to adjust the thermostat as you start your commute home, so that your home is the perfect temperature as soon as you walk in the door?

Once you have a list of all of your favorite features of your smart house, commit this list to memory. If you enjoy a particular feature, the chances are good that your potential home buyers will appreciate the feature, as well.

Create a Simple Use Guide to Keep on Hand

It is no surprise that some home buyers are more technologically savvy than others. Some buyers will find smart house technology engaging and intuitive, while others may shy away, feeling intimidated. Help combat this and get all potential buyers up to speed by creating a simple and handy user guide. Provide easy to understand, step by step guidelines to help simplify the processes for your buyers.

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