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Fresh Ideas for Thanksgiving Home Decor

Want to mix things up with your Thanksgiving decor this year? Try these unique twists on classic decor themes and color schemes. 

Try Out-of-the-Box Fall Colors

Thanksgiving decor tends to focus on red, orange, yellow and brown, often in primary-color shades that, while cute, aren’t entirely modern. This year, dial it back a bit and go for minimalist elegance. Don’t limit yourself to the flame-colored warm colors of the leaves outside. Subtler shades on that side of the color spectrum work well too. Think about natural colors like pale straw yellow or light beige-y browns to add a softer dimension of design to your home. You can add in some bold pops of color by incorporating warm metallic shades of copper, gold and brass as accents.

To put this idea into practice, consider using natural-colored fabrics like pale linen and darker burlap as the foundation for a Thanksgiving table centerpiece. Add in some metallic candlesticks and natural beeswax taper candles plus some natural decor elements in the form of white mini pumpkins and yellow squash to finish the arrangement with on-trend sophistication.

Use Fall Fruits for Arrangements and Displays

Autumn is a time of abundance. That’s the basis for Thanksgiving as a food-focused holiday, after all. Vegetables such as pumpkins, squash and corn are common staples for Thanksgiving decor, from wreaths to cornucopias and floral arrangements. These are all great options for holiday decorating at this time of year, but you can take it a step further by incorporating fall fruits into the mix in addition to (or instead of) fall veggies. 

Persimmon, pomegranate, cranberries, apples and pears are all lovely fruits that make great additions to display bowls or floral arrangements. You can use either real or faux fruits depending on your budget and level of DIY motivation. To make real fruit easier to incorporate into floral bouquets or decorative wreaths, choose small fruits and use a combination of floral wire, floral picks and floral tape to make them easier to arrange. Cranberries can actually go directly into the vase. These little red berries float in water, and they make a beautiful accent in a clear glass vase filled with autumnal flowers and fruits.

Make Garlands

Garlands are a fun way to spice up your home for any holiday, and they also happen to be a highly customizable craft project that you can make as sophisticated or kid-friendly as you’d like. For an elegant option, consider using small bundles of autumnal herbs such as rosemary and sage tied together with twine. Hang these from a pretty fall-colored ribbon using jute or hemp rope to create a rustic and aromatic decorative accent. 

If you have kids, you can use the old hand outline Thanksgiving craft to create a colorful parade of turkeys. Make your birds march across the window or above your dining room table by stringing together into a garland or hanging individually from the ceiling or chandelier.