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Discover How Can Help Home Buyers Find Your Property


An Open House is often the key to showing off a home’s unique charm and appeal, but bringing prospective buyers to the property during the scheduled open house hours can be a challenge. With OpenHouseDay, you’ll instantly target buyers who are specifically looking to visit homes with an intent to purchase. Here’s how it works.


The Benefits of an In-Person Visit


You’ve taken professional pictures of the property and carefully written vivid descriptions of each of its rooms and features. The information is available online for everyone to see, but it’s still not getting much interest. Why is that?


A picture may be worth a thousand words, but when it comes to buying a house, pictures usually aren’t enough. Most buyers want to get a feel for the place and see if it actually feels like home. That’s something you can’t get from a picture. OpenHouseDay knows how important the open house visit is in the homebuying process, and our listing service gives the all-important in-person experience top billing. This means that you’ll attract more of the right kind of buyers—the ones who really want to find their new home quickly.


What OpenHouseDay’s Targeted Exposure Can Do for You


The truth is that the online real estate listing world is clogged with options. It’s easy for a buyer, or even an agent, to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of properties available in a specific area. Eventually, all the different pictures and descriptions start to run together. Open houses are more important than ever before because they allow buyers to take a deep dive into your specific property rather than measuring it against dozens of others in an online search.


Thanks to our innovative search tool, lets serious buyers focus in on the houses they can visit in person on a specific day of their choosing. Our property search feature allows users to set the day they’re planning to visit open houses and displays matching open house results first. Users can further narrow down their results using criteria like price, property type, and square footage so they’ll be sure to visit only those houses that fit their particular needs.


By claiming your property on OpenHouseDay when you’ve scheduled an open house on the MLS, (if not an MLS member you can list and schedule your open house directly on our platform), you’ll target buyers who really want to see the property in person and are serious enough to spend time touring the home. The best part is that when buyers or realtors use our service to search for open house results in your area, your property will stand apart from other comparable properties in the same area whenever you host an open house. Other properties that aren’t open on the same day won’t rank as highly in our search, which gives your property immediate exposure and benefit for buyers who want to conduct in-person research.


When it comes to standing apart from the crowd of online real estate listings, sometimes it’s the simple things that count. gives you an instant boost whenever you have an open house available, and that can be all it takes to quickly find the right buyer for any property.


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