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Bring At Least One Of These People With You While You House Hunt

Visiting open houses may seem like a straightforward process, and it can even be fun, but ultimately it’s important to make sure you’re getting useful information while you’re looking at properties for sale. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, a parent of teenagers or an out-of-towner on a relocation mission, you shouldn’t go it alone.

The People You Live With

It’s important to make sure the whole family is happy with any house you might buy, so bringing spouses or partners, kids and live-in parents along can be a good move. Having the family all in the house together can make it easier to determine whether the home provides enough space and whether it feels cozy enough. Plus, the other people you live with may point out some things you hadn’t thought of, like stairs that are unsafe for toddlers or a living room arrangement that’s too close to the master bedroom for parental comfort.

Kids are a notable exception to this rule. Young children, especially those in the toddler or elementary school age range who can walk around but don’t necessarily understand open house manners quite yet, don’t really need to check out the house. If you think your kids will require too much management for you to really inspect the property, go ahead and leave them at home. However, older kids may want to have a say in where they’re going to live, so offer them the opportunity to tag along.

A Local Friend

Shopping for a home in an area you’re relocating to but haven’t spent a lot of time in can be tough. Online research helps, but it’s a bold move to buy a house sight unseen. Open house tours are extremely useful for helping relocators get a better sense of the community they’re moving into. But that firsthand experience isn’t necessarily enough. Bring a local friend along with you to the open house, someone who’ll be able to clue you into good or bad things about a particular neighborhood or let you know which features you may want in light of the local climate. If you don’t already know people in the area you’re moving to, an experienced realtor can be a great substitute for a knowledgeable friend.

An Experienced Homebuyer

First-time homebuyers have a lot to consider and learn, from budgets and mortgages to inspections and taxes. It can feel overwhelming, and this is a great time in life to have a mentor by your side. When you’re looking at open houses as part of your very first home purchase, bring an experienced homebuyer who knows you well on your house tours. This can be a close friend, a parent, a coworker or someone from your religious community who knows the ropes and can point out red flags you might have missed.

No matter who you choose to bring along with you on your home tour adventure, plan your route with Open House Day. We’ll help you make the experience easy and fun for everyone involved, including you!