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6 Tips Every Realtor Needs to Know to Make an Open House Easier

As a Realtor, you undoubtedly know the importance of utilizing an open house to market your listings. The more visits a house gets, the more interest it will generate, and the faster it will sell. As real estate professionals, part of your job is to market your listings to as many people and as wide of a network as possible, and an open house is a very effective way to help make this happen.

Knowing the importance of the open house, you will obviously want to do everything in your power to make sure that the event is successful. But how do you make that happen? Read on for these tricks and tools that every Realtor needs to make an open house easier.

Put Together a Toolkit to Help you be Prepared For your Open Houses.

Utilize this tip from some of the top real estate pros to make sure that your open house is a success. After all, you never know what you will run into before your open house. Come prepared with a kit of handy supplies, including paper towels, cleaning spray, measuring tape, an extra pad of paper, fliers, etc.

Maintain a Stocked Fridge

This is a tip commonly overlooked by many real estate agents, but is one that can really prove useful, especially in those hot summer months. What better way to keep your visitors refreshed and show off a spacious refrigerator than to keep it stocked with a variety of cold drink?

Show Some Local Flare and Flavor

This is a great idea to showcase not only the home, but the neighborhood. This tool can be especially useful for potential home buyers who are new to the market, or who are relocating from other areas. Have a video produced about the local community, highlighting area attractions, parks, shopping, dining, schools, and more. Then, have the video playing during your open house. Be sure to ask for the home owner’s permission to use their TV and DVD player. If they prefer for you to not use their equipment, simply have the video playing on your iPad or laptop. Using this will not only showcase your listing during the open house, but also the great neighborhood, as well.

Use a Local Bakery or Coffee Shop for your Open House Refreshments

Rather than baking your own cookies or quickly picking some up from the grocery store, find a locally owned bakery, coffee shop or cafe where you can pick up some goodies for your open house guests. As an added bonus, the owner of the shop may be willing to give you a discount, if you agree to set out some sort of signage for them at the open house. Again, it is all about selling your potential home buyers on not only the home, but the neighborhood, as well.

Host a Neighbors Only Open House

This tool is one that is not utilized nearly as much as it could be. Some of the top real estate professionals swear by hosting a neighbors only open house. Pass out invitations to the closest houses in the neighborhood, keeping the numbers to between 150 and 200 invitations. Hosting the neighbors is a fantastic way to get some insights into the neighborhood and the history of the house, that even the homeowner may not know.

Stay Up-to-date with the Latest Trends in Technology

As a mobile professional, Realtors are among those who stand to benefit the most from utilizing the latest and greatest in technology trends and tools. As you are acutely aware, a large portion of your business relies on being available and “on call” 24/7 -- and your cell phone and laptop or tablet are two of the best tools to utilize to help you provide this service to your clients. Be sure to stay up to date on technology tools that can help you become even more efficient. For instance, many agents swear by tech tools, such as Google DriveDropbox, CloudOn, Evernote, Wi Fi Finder, and more.

All in all, buyers love open houses, so they’re not going anywhere. Buyers are reached by the marketing that you do for your open houses, and reaching these buyers is part of your job as a Realtor. In fact, a recent study of home buyers found that half of all buyers reported that they regularly used open houses as an influencer in their home buying process and eventual decision.

Get in Front of Buyers on

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