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5 Things You Must Do Before Your Open House

An open house is like a job interview with buyers. That means it’s important to set your house up for success. These five factors can help you make the best-possible impression without requiring a lot of effort from the people you’re trying to win over.

Prepare For Nosier-Than-Usual Guests

You can expect that the people looking at your home will be poking around and opening closets and cabinets. This means that you should discreetly conceal anything super personal or potentially embarrassing you wouldn’t want most people to see. You might also want to secure any valuables or dangerous items such as firearms prior to the open house. The house is literally open to anyone who wants to visit, and while you or your real estate agent will be there to keep an eye on the crowd, it’s best not to take risks. For example, if you have a jewelry box with expensive heirloom jewelry sitting on your dresser, you might want to put it inside a dresser drawer rather than leaving it out.

Clean Up

This is somewhat obvious, but some homeowners don’t understand just how far they need to go. Don’t just vacuum and tidy up. Be super thorough—empty the garbage, dust, scrub the toilets, clean the windows and mirrors, remove scuffs from the floors and generally polish up and perfect the home. Hire a professional cleaner if you don’t have the time or desire to do it yourself—see it as an investment.

Take Care of the Yard

Take the same meticulous approach outdoors as you did indoors. You don’t need to do a complete landscaping overhaul, but the lawn should be mown, dead leaves and branches removed and toys tidied. If you’ve had Christmas lights on your porch for the past 6 months, now’s a good time to take them down. If you have planters that you never managed to establish with robust, living plants, stack them and put them in the garage. Curb appeal is important, and even if your outdoor areas aren’t particularly large or impressive, they can look quite dingy and uninviting if they’re obviously unused and unkempt.

Be Careful About Scents

If you love the powerful smell of synthetic air fresheners, you might want to clear them out the morning of your open house and open the windows to let some fresh air in. Some visitors may not share your scent preferences and might want to leave shortly after arriving regardless of what they think of the rest of the house.

Let the Sunshine In

As we mentioned above, curb appeal is important, and the lawn isn’t the only element in ensuring your home makes an amazing first impression. Open curtains and blinds throughout the house so natural light can pour in and the property can appear welcoming and friendly from the moment prospective buyers lay eyes on it. This may seem like a small detail, but it’s one of those things that can actually make a big impact.