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5 surefire tips to stage your home for an open house day

Placing an ad online or spreading the word about the open house day are some of the initial steps for selling your house. But it’s how you stage your house during the main event that decides the fate of the property.

We have compiled some tips that will help in turning your home into a hot property during an open house day.

Here we go…

1.       Identify the target buyers

By analyzing what kind of individuals live in the neighborhood, you can get your house designed to match their tastes. You can take the support of your real estate agent to identify the type of individuals that will be visiting your property on an open house event.

2.       Remove the personal photographs

A buyer will take more interest in a neutral property rather than a home that has an essence of its earlier residents. Therefore, remove all the photographs and other items that reflect your belongingness in the house.

3.       Cleaning is inevitable

The chances of the prospects getting attracted to your property are directly proportional to the cleanliness of your house. Therefore, clean every nook and corner of the house while preparing for the open house. De-cluttering is also necessary to add layers of freshness to the property. 

You can also hire a cleaning service to handle all those places that you might ignore while cleaning on your own.

4.       Make your home look brighter

This can be done at multiple levels. Turning on all the lights and opening the blinds and curtains are the primary steps in this strategy. You can also update your light fixtures that will not only brighten up your house but also embellish it with their beauty. If you have sufficient time, get your house painted with the bright shades.

5.       Make it a priority to fix broken stuff

Whether it is a plumbing issue or a defect in a light switch, you need to get all these issues fixed before the big day. You don’t want the visitors to drop the idea of purchasing your home just because there was a leakage or a broken window.

Bonus Tip: Leave when prospects are examining the property

This will give the prospects a space to view and feel the house. They will also prefer privacy while talking to their real estate agent during an open house.


An open house acts as a catalyst to accelerate the selling process. Make sure to implement the blend of these techniques to further speed up the process. Get your house registered for an open house event by clicking this link: