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4 Ways to Increase Agent Productivity and Efficiency with OpenHouseDay

Open house day can be stressful or completely successful, oftentimes a mixture of both. With the help of OpenHouseDay, agents can be more productive and efficient, whether it is their first open house or their hundredth. OpenHouseDay offers real estate agents the chance to streamline their business and be more prepared for one of the most important days in their industry – open house day! Here are four ways to increase agent productivity and efficiency using OpenHouseDay.

#1: Agents are Better Prepared

Agents often worry how many people are going to show up to an open house. How many flyers will they need? How many refreshments are necessary? With the OpenHouseDay tool, agents are more prepared for their open house because they receive a list of guests who will be attending the open house. This takes the guessing game out of open house day and allows for agents to have a better idea of the traffic expected at the open house event.

If an agent is expecting a large wave of people, they can better prepare by seeking out help to assist them during the open house. Agents can cater more to their potential buyers when they have a prepared open house day plan. Agents won’t miss a single buyer, because they know who is going to show up at the open house.

#2: Agents are Safer

An open house event poses a lot of potential risks for real estate agents. There have been many incidents in which agents have been robbed and even sexually assaulted. This often happens because agents are alone or because valuables are in plain view. OpenHouseDay helps keep real estate agents safer by providing them with a list of registered guests attending the open house.

When the guests arrive at the property, they must check in and verify that they are on the list – keeping out potential thieves. This is an important tool that agents should be using to keep themselves safe during the open house process. An open house should be a successful day that is free of stress and fear for agent safety.

#3: Saves Time

One thing that real estate agents always need more of is time. By having a pre-compiled and verified list of people attending the open house, agents can ensure that they are prepared for the amount of people coming to view the property. Agents can be more efficient and productive on the day of the open house because they won’t be focusing on the large amount of people that show up and how to cater to each with the information they need on the home – they will know exactly how many people to expect and they won’t be wasting time stressing about having enough flyers, being able to speak to each potential buyer or worrying about not making a good impression with the home.

With this tool, agents reserve more time to prepare the home and to save up energy for the big day ahead. If agents are stressed before the open house, guests are going to notice and may not focus on their potential new home!

#4: Makes the Agent More Productive

OpenHouseDay helps ensure that people coming to the open house are viewing it because they see potential in the property. When agents spend time with people who are truly serious about the home, they can be more productive in their business. Not only will they avoid stragglers who may or may not be interested in buying the home, but they will also have a verified list of prospects that could turn into potential business down the road.

Every person that walks through the door is a potential new prospect – agents can take advantage of the list OpenHouseDay provides to gain new clients and referrals during any open house. This is a gateway to an entire new set of potential clients that could expand an agent’s client base and help them sell even more homes.

Why Use OpenHOuseDay?

OpenHouseDay is a tool that every real estate agent should be utilizing. It connects homebuyers, sellers and real estate agents together. It streamlines the home buying and selling process, making it easier, more efficient and more productive for all parties. Agents can feel safer, more prepared, and save themselves time and energy. They can focus on hosting a successful open house that will lead to a sale, new clients and referrals.