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4 Tips To Maximize an Open House Visit

Open Houses can play an important role in choosing the house that you are going to buy. Whether or not you are taking the time to just test the waters for what is available on the local real estate market, satisfying your curiosity if there is a property out there that is fabulous enough to make you want to move, or giving you the opportunity to find out in-depth information regarding a neighborhood, attending an Open House can be invaluable. Here are four tips to make the most of your Open House tour experience.

1. Use an Open House as an Information Gathering Opportunity

  • Homes. An Open House is an excellent opportunity to gather information on the home market in the area, learn about the neighborhood and in general find out what style of home and features will best meet the needs of you and your family. An Open House gives you the chance to not commit to an agent or even to a timeline for purchasing a new home. You can choose to visit properties at your leisure and have the time for fact finding on the neighborhood and possibly even meet the family that lives next door. 
  • Realtors. Another great advantage of visiting an Open House is that you will have the chance to come into contact with a number of different Realtors. The relationship that you have with your Realtor is important to your comfort level as you navigate through the home buying process and you want to make sure that you have someone who not only has the right level of experience and knowledge but you must feel that they understand your needs. The variety of Realtors that you will meet during Open Houses will help you to ultimately choose the real estate agent that you will work with when you buy your home.
  • Market. Another great advantage to attending an Open House is that you will get the chance to gauge the interest in that particular property. People watching and listening to the other attendees will give you a better idea if this particular home is a hot listing or not.

2. Use an Online Service to Plan Your Tours

One of the more frustrating aspects of attending Open Houses is the sometimes scavenger-hunt like trek that you end up on while looking for properties and trying to figure out the best route to get from one to another. Another challenge is misinformation on days and hours and vague listing descriptions where you waste your time visiting homes that in no way meet your real estate needs. Using an online service like can change how you plan and view Open Houses by providing the most up to date information and mapping touring plans for you.

3. Research the Number of DOM First

Before you even view a home, research how many days on the market that they property has been listed. This helps you to get a better idea of what questions to ask when you go on your tour and provides you a better understanding of the pricing strategy. If it has been on the market more than the average number of days for comparable home, you may have additional negotiating room especially if the house is slightly out of your original budget.

4. Say Hello

There will be real estate agents representing the home sellers when you attend the open house. You don't have to sign in and give your information if you don't want to, but remember that the Realtor is there for safety reasons and is taking precautions on behalf of the homeowners. If you are serious about purchasing the home, this is a great time to talk to the Realtor to find out as much information as you possibly can about the property and the neighborhood. It is also important to be friendly to the other people who are attending the Open House. Neighbors tend to stop in to also view homes. Not only could you potentially be meeting the people you will be living next door to for the next decade, but they also may have information about the neighborhood that will be invaluable in helping to make your purchase decision.

Realtors have been staging open houses for their listings for decades - and with good reason. An Open House increases the advertising and exposure for a property and helps to create a buzz. It is also a great method for gaining feedback on what people really think about the home, making it easier to make updates to the property, the staging or the marketing strategy. When you attend an Open House you are being given a fantastic chance to spend time at homes that you are interested in without the pressure of a formal showing. 

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