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3 Fun Ways to Mix Up Your Holiday Home Decor This Year

The holiday season is a fun time of year, but not everyone likes to stick with a single tradition. If you want to keep December feeling fresh, these ideas will help you transform your decorating approach while still incorporating some of your favorite classic holiday pieces.

Kick Red to the Curb

The classic holiday colors of red and green are so ubiquitous that it makes sense to focus on this color palette as the center of change for your new decorative approach. Modern holiday decor leans heavily on a neutral color palette that emphasizes the natural tones of a snowy winter forest. This approach gives class bright red and heavy burgundy tones the heave-ho in favor of softer, gentler colors that feel bright and cheerful while also embracing a sense of modern elegance.

Green, white, brown, metallics and blue are all great choices for a refreshed holiday decor color scheme. You can add in some touches of red here and there, of course—think about the look of a snowy holly bush. The majority of the color you’ll see is green and white with a few pops of red berries.

Go Retro

Mercury glass lights or garlands, tinsel, flocked or aluminum trees, plastic blow mold Santas and other classic decorations from days past can all make a fun resurgence in your modern holiday home. The key to making your displays look up-to-date is in the presentation.

While you can choose to go with decor from a single era, mixing holiday decorations from different time periods underscores the history of the season and gives guests a chance to reflect on their own childhood experiences at this time of year. To really emphasize the idea of history and nostalgia, consider putting family heirloom ornaments and vintage finds on your Christmas tree in ascending or descending order by decade. Grouping all of the ornaments from a certain era together in this way

Rethink Your Tree

In many homes, the Christmas tree is the focus of holiday decor, and changing this one element alone can make a big difference in how you feel about your seasonal aesthetic. There are a few different ways to go about switching things up for your tree. Upside-down trees hung from the ceiling have made a big splash in recent years, but you can also go for something more originally unusual. A 2-D tree mounted on the wall with stacked shelves or branches for hanging ornaments can be a nice touch, especially in a smaller home.

If you want to see different types of holiday decor in action, why not tour some open houses? You can use Open House Day to map out an open house tour and maybe even find a new home to bring extra holiday decor inspiration into your life. If you don’t have room to celebrate the way you want right now,  new house could make all the difference this holiday season and beyond.